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Parish of the Blessed Trinity - Amsterdam

Claude Hoogland

8 Jul. 1953 - 30 Oct. 2022

The funeral took place on Sat. 5th November

at the Parish of the Blessed Trinity, Amsterdam.

The ceremony can still be watched online.

Fri. 4 Nov. 19:00 Wake / Wake

Live stream: ream: youtube.com/channel/UC1LBleuwiq0dlHEKM

Sat. 5 Nov. 12:00 Requiem Mass / Kerkelijke Uitvaart

Parish of the Blessed Trinity

Live stream: ream: start.memoriam.tv/5G6

Sat. 5 Nov. 14:30 Cremation Ceremony / Crematieplechtigheid

Crematorium De Nieuwe Ooster

Live stream: ream: pci-webc

Ceremony ID: 144654

Password: rxaf33te6rec

Online condolence book: book: remembr.com/claude.ho

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Sunday - 10:30 am. & 12:00 noon.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
12.30 pm.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 11.30 a.m.on weekdays.
What's happening

Parish Groups

The Parish of the Blessed Trinity offers many ways for parishioners to become involved and active both by furthering their understanding of the faith through continued education programs and/or by contributing time to one of our many parish activities.

Christian Aid Group

The Christian Aid Group offers help and advice on social matters. They are available for consultation after both Sunday Masses.


The Parish has four choirs that celebrate the Word of God in song.

The Parish of the Blessed Trinity is an International English-speaking Roman Catholic Community and is under the pastoral care of Father Peter Klos. The church has members consist of about 48 nationalities. Masses are held in the Holy Family Church. The church is located in a charming "village" in the Betondorp district of Amsterdam East. There are two aisles in the church with beautiful stained glass windows. There is a bell tower built in traditionalist forms under the influence of the Delft School.

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God reaches us in more than one ways; in fact he reaches us in multitude of ways. The electronic media has helped bring Mass right to the homes of people through the TV and in more recent times through the Internet. Here's a link to hear Daily TV Mass right from your home!

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