The Christian Aid

The Christian Aid Group offers help and advice on social matters. They are available for consultation after both masses on Sunday. Members are Doreen King, Marilyn Blancaflor, and Dominic Okyere.


The parish has a creche. Volunteers are always welcome. There is a speaker in the crèche that allows you to follow the Mass. The area is separated from the main part of the church so you do not need to worry about the noise. The Crèche is located at the ground floor of the Parish Centre. For more information call 020-4652711

Seeds of Hope (Young People's Group)

The Parish Youth Group is for our young parishioners who have been confirmed. Social, religious, educational and sporting activities are organised by youths, for youths. It offers a great chance to make new friends and develop a better appreciation of all the diverse cultures that make up our wonderful parish.


The NewsForum is a publication of the Parish of the Blessed Trinity and is published monthly except for January, July and August. All contributions are welcome. Submissions will be edited for brevity and clarity, punctuation and spelling.
If you would like to join the Newsforum Team, please speak to Pearl Tel:020-4652711.

Pearl Hoogland, Fr. Peter Klos, Gerard Lobo